What You See is Not Always What You Get

I am thrilled to close on this classic mid-century home in the sought-after Linda Vista area of Pasadena. The location, style, and lot size drew immense interest and multiple offers. But there was one unique feature that needed explaining – the lot lines. The exact location of the lot lines have never been marked. When you look out to the backyard, it appears all the land behind the home belongs to this property. That is not the case. There is another, separate lot behind the home that has never been developed. It was imperative that all interested parties were aware of this and had the option to engage with the appropriate resources to identify the lot line as they saw fit. Developers and investors were knocking down the doors on this property until they understood the lot situation and limitations. It’s a good thing we did a complete title search and disclosed this fact to buyers upfront before they made any offers. Regardless of the lot challenges, the property still sold $290K above asking.