Nancy Valentine

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Nancy has been licensed to sell real estate since 1991. She holds a broker's license in CA. Before coming to CA in 2000, she had been licensed in New York since 1991. Having worked on both coasts, she has experience in all types of transactions in residential, multi-family, land and investment properties. Due to her experience and expertise in the handling of complicated real estate transactions, she is often chosen by attorneys and professional fiduciaries to represent their clients in the sale of real property. She has a strong sense of fiduciary duty and represents her client's interests. She does not practice dual representation.

Nancy approaches each home sale as a new work that will be given a glorious premiere! The staging, set design, and presentation all result in her listings being the “buzz” all over town. Nancy harnesses the power technology to give her listings a competitive edge and to stay on top of the constantly changing real estate market. She has a Team, but she is still very hands on with her clients, and values personal interaction. Nancy works with a talented marketing team to customize each listing, to give her sellers’ properties the best exposure, worldwide. When working with buyers, she provides invaluable insight into the comparables and seeks to help buyers achieve their goals.

Like many people in this field, Nancy had another career before entering real estate. After graduating from Northwestern University School of Music, she attended the Juilliard School. Nancy went to Europe for the summer to continue her vocal training and stayed for 12 years! She sang professionally as a lyric soprano soloist in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. She loves the drama and characters from opera that she sees a relevance to real estate. Her good ear and understanding of different character-types is invaluable in her practice. She takes the time to truly listen to and observe the situation of her clients. Oftentimes what they are not saying is the most important thing to hear.

Her years of living abroad have given her a deep understanding of Buyers and Sellers from varying cultures and traditions. This experience is a valuable tool in understanding client needs and translates into a superb skill in negotiating on behalf of her clients. The experience of living in Europe as well as recent trips to visit family in Asia, she has a deep understanding of varying architectural and decorating styles.