If you are considering a remodel or renovation project, READ ON! Even if you are not thinking of selling in the immediate future, most people renovate because they want to change/update something that they don’t like. It makes sense to do a cost benefit analysis before taking on a major remodeling project. I’m not talking about comparing contractor bids, although that’s important,  but analyzing whether the improvements you make will actually add the same amount to the value of your home.  There are  improvements that ADD to value and there are some that do not.

Do you know what the top three home improvements are that add 100% to the value in YOUR neighborhood? Do you know which improvements add less than 75%? It all comes down to specific market trends in relation to your home and your neighborhood. Not all homes are the same. It’s tricky.

My expertise can help you understand precisely what potential buyers would be seeking in a home like yours. And it’s not the same for all houses. or different neighborhoods.  By leveraging this knowledge, I can help you make informed renovation decisions that will not only enhance your home’s appeal and functionality but also help you spend money wisely for the highest return on your investment. All too often sellers regret costly renovations and the stress and time involved in the construction process. Without proper guidance, they can find out too late that they’ve made renovations that don’t align with market demand.

Don’t fall into that trap! Call me and let’s chat!