To Whom It May Concern:

Well the dust has settled (literally), and I can take 2 minutes to remark on my gratitude to and my admiration for Nancy Valentine.

Nancy was the agent who acted as our agent in the sale of my father’s home. I should point out that I conferred with several Brokers throughout the sale of our house and they all agreed that Nancy was to a wonderful job for us. She was understanding of the fact that we were trying to secure a comfortable future for my father and really seemed to share in that goal.

It should be noted that I live in New York City and my father’s house is in Alhambra, California. There was a lot of cross-country faxing emailing and phoning. There were various tasks required that could only be described as above and beyond the job description. Everything from liaising with the “Bee” man we hired to extract the hive living in the eves of the porch, or moving my daughter’s car out of the garage when the house was going to be unexpectedly tented, and even stopping by our garage sale to lend moral support.

Nancy was at all times courteous, professional and diligent (almost to the point of annoying for a jaded New Yorker like myself, so used to barreling through any situation and suffering the consequences afterwards). She was always gracious and unflappable. She was good natured and very kind, almost what I would describe as prim and proper. And yet, every time anyone tried for even a moment to take advantage of us (or even cheat us if you will), Nancy caught it before it happen and would in the sweetest way, have none of it. On numerous occasions Nancy had to catch/educate our buyers broker on the proper procedure and paperwork. Several times this concluded with Nancy negotiating money back for us. This didn’t necessarily offer any additional commission for Nancy, but she fought the good fight anyway. No one got away with any shenanigans of her watch!

As to whether or not it is common practice, I don’t know, but I do know that Nancy came, she networked, she listed, she open housed, she brokered, she schlepped, she monitored, she negotiated, she gently listened when I was impatient, and she was at every turn vigilant.

So, did we get the highest price that we could have for our house? I reallythink that we did. Was there minimal disruption of my life? Considering the long distance nature of the situation? I think so, yes. Did Nancy do the best job for us that anyone could have? I would have to say absolutely. Would I have rather worked with someone else? Absolutely not.

I think that sometimes sellers can have a bad attitude about people whom they will pay a commission to. Nancy did not sit back and wait for the house to sell. There were no bon bon’s and casual chats about how she would spend the fortune that magically appeared after the droves of anxious buyers battled it out to see who would have the privilege of living our never kept up, very old house. Nancy earned every penny she is paid, and then some! This was not our money that we “gave” her. Nancy worked like a Clydesdale to get our house sold for the best price, as quickly as possible and to our best advantage. I am very grateful to her and would highly recommend working with her.