Hi Nancy,

Finally I have a minute to thank you for all of your time and effort put forth in selling our home in Altadena. I must say that you are a remarkable individual, so dedicated, so driven, and so determined to keep your promise. My husband and I want to thank you for your diplomatic recommendations regarding home improvements to our home prior to placing it on the market. Your common sense approach helped to increase the value of our home by thousands of dollars. You give new meaning to “a woman’s touch”…..no kidding.

I must confess that when my husband and I first met you, I wasn’t impressed one way or the another, but I must say that having you as a realtor turned out to be quite a pleasure. You are not only a wonderful and personable person, but you are a die-hard professional, which is very hard to find in today’s climate. We watched as you actually made a difficult and uncertain sale, a reality. Noteworthy as well was your hands-on reassurance during the appraisal, the inspection, and the actual closing, naking sure that we experienced minimal to no stress.

We, like many sellers, did not realize the amount of effort a “good” realtor puts forth to successfully sell a home. I assure you that a true lesson was learned. Your marketing skills are unsurpassable. If we decided to move back to California, your number will be among the first numbers called. Never lower your standard of excellence. Again, it was a pleasure working with you.