Everyone is excited about the possibility of having a granny flat. January 1st 2017 the State passed a Bill greatly reducing the restrictions on adding “accessory dwelling units” most notably in residential zones formerly restricted to single family dwellings. It basically eliminates single family residential zoning. It eliminated the many hurdles previously in place: it prohibits certain parking restrictions, lot density limits, the need to permit a new or separate utility connection for sewer of utilities or imposing a related connection fee.
Intended to ease the California housing crisis, the new law allows construction of one additional dwelling per residential lot, and circumvents many local restrictions. That’s HUGE!

Even existing unpermitted second units may be brought into compliance under the law. Let’s call it grandfathering a Granny flat… Under certain circumstances unfinished existing space, such as garage second floors, can also be “rehabilitated” as rental units.There are restrictions that may make it less than ideal for some homeowners. The structure is limited to 1,200 square feet. It must still meet most local building codes and setback requirements.

But this law was not intended to make everyone into an owner of an Air B&B for additional income. There is a provision that a long-term covenant must be placed against the property restricting rental of such units to low and very low-income persons at “affordable” rates. That varies by City.

To learn more about this significant change in California law, you need only Google SB 1069. There are a host of websites describing the opportunity in greater detail. Of course, feel free to call me with any questions.