Looking ahead to Real Estate in 2019

The Changing Buyer:


Unmarried women over 55 is becoming one of the largest, and fastest-growing, “new” home buyer group. Finished with the rearing of children and without a husband, these women are realizing that with longer lifespans and good careers, they still want a home but one with ‘no bad memories.’

Millennials: late to marriage and kids, when they decide it’s time, they move swiftly to get their “house in order”. They’re willing to pay whatever it takes if the home is done and offers the lifestyle they need now that their time has come.

Seniors: Forget about down-sizing, it’s now upsizing: a significant number of Seniors choose to upgrade in their Golden years. That may mean going to a high-end condo, moving to a more urban environment or buying a home that is twice the size of the one where they raised their families. The attitude is, if not now then never, so go for it!

The changing Flippers: there are still a good number scouting the market. But it’s no longer big projects. All these flippers want is to take an existing space, and make it super “cool” and get out within four months. Their target buyer pool: young buyers with high incomes, who have no time or interest in doing any work themselves.