The market is going crazy all over LA. In every pirce range. The LA Times had a great article this week, if you want to see the actual numbers to back up that opinion:,0,4117313.story

In some areas prices are at or above the peak-like San Marino and Arcadia. In other areas prices are still 30% below the peak, but things are shooting up. Is this is some kind of bubble again?

If you want to buy in this market, here’s the scoop: be willing to pay more than anybody else.

Looking for a home is a full time commitment. Sit and get real with your expectations and the realities of the current market.
Look on the the internet to do your homework and preliminary looking. Go do the things you like to do in the areas you are considering living. Don’t run around looking at homes but scope out the areas. It does no good to find a home you love in a town you don’t want to live in!

When you have narrowed down what you really want, how much you can afford and where you want to live, then you have to look at homes. Get email alerts of new houses in those areas only. Stop looking elsewhere!!! Be prepared, be fast, be unemotional. That’s the only way to beat this market.

Don’t waste your time writing offers and then realizing that you need “more information to make a decision”.

When dealing with multiple offers, the goal is to get into escrow. Accept the reality that every home has “issues”. No home is perfect. Figure out in escrow how you will deal with those imperfections. Once you’re in escrow, it’s just the buyer and seller trying to work out an amicable solution instead of you trying to beat out lots of other buyers.

There are some great homes coming on the market, just not enough of them. SELLERS we need more of you!!