I represented buyers in the purchase of this beautiful home.  Stunning views and everything these buyers wanted. These patient buyers had lost out on other homes multiple times. The suggestion by the listing side was to do the final walk-thru on the day of recording. Not agreeing, we pushed for a walk-thru the day before. We noticed a smell of gas, not intense but noticeable in front of the house. the front yard. Note was made of this on the Verification form with a request to call the gas company for a gas line check. Result: there was a leak and the house was red-tagged! The recording could not be stopped but money out of the seller proceeds was held back. The sellers have to pay almost $ 20,000, as the home was not in the same condition that it was when the offer was made. The seller wanted to move quickly and have the work done without a permit. But we objected. Can you imagine a gas line put in without a permit???

In this market, it is still important for buyers to do their due diligence. Even with the very short contingency periods that are common today, it’s important to do all inspections and investigate thoroughly.