Nancy knows the real estate business very thoroughly. She has proven this by helping our family three times over the past eleven years. Each time she displayed knowledge, experience, and care that generated confidence and comfort in the process, ensuring everything went very smoothly. The first time we worked with her involved the sale of a family home of more than fifty years. The second time involved the purchase of a condominium. The third time was the sale of another home of almost thirty years. Each transaction was unique due to different neighborhoods, market conditions, and other circumstances. Each involved the many complications and details that are expected in a real estate transaction.

In our most recent sale, during COVID, Nancy guided us wisely through each step. Her experience with real estate marketing and managing the chain of events helped the process move smoothly. It helps that she knows the real estate market so well, knows the features buyers are looking for, and the issues that might concern them. Her advice on timing and pricing was right on. She explained how the methods of marketing homes have changed in recent years and she let us know what was expected and what had to be done. Once the house was listed, she kept an eye on each step, made us aware of the progress, and advised us regarding responsibilities and options so that everything stayed on schedule. As an experienced professional, she anticipated and guided us to a smooth closing of the sale. To put it simply: Nancy is a professional, is knowledgeable, and can be trusted.