Valerie and Tom moved to Texas, fleeing expensive California when they realized they could work remotely indefinitely. They were thrilled with their new dream home, ordering furniture and appliances, only to be told that due to supply chain issues, the furniture wouldn’t arrive for 6-12 months. They ended up camping out. That’s not what they had in mind.

Let’s step back and think about the total cost of buying a home in today’s world. Who would have thought that a Pandemic would result in a Real Estate boom? Bidding wars drive prices hundreds of thousands over asking. Just about every market was a hot market, as buyers embraced the idea of remote working.

Many buyers moved from expensive cities to more rural areas where they could get a big, beautiful home for a fraction of what they would have paid at home. So moving from a 2000 sf split level to a 7000 sf home in Utah or Texas has one issue that many buyers forget: you have to furnish it! And that can really add to the cost.

Homes and condos are often sold furnished in vacation areas like Florida but that trend is now going mainstream. Buyers ask sellers to include some or all of the furnishings. If a seller is downsizing, it’s often a good idea for both parties but how much is it worth? Oftentimes the buyers don’t really like the furnishings but “it’ll do until we get our own”. The Sellers of course think that it’s worth what it was when it was new., 20 years ago….Recently we are seeing “ throw in the furniture or there’s no deal”

What about when the home is staged? Do you remember my recent listing, a mid-century modern? We removed all of the sellers’ furniture and staged it with mid-century. The buyers thought it all belonged to the sellers and wanted the home furnished. But it wasn’t the sellers to sell-it all belonged to the stager. The buyers got the kitchen island and the outdoor furniture…