There are many things that add to value in pricing a home. Traditionally it’s been: location, location, location. In today’s world, maybe that means how close you are to a Starbucks?!?
“After a Starbucks opens in town, housing prices tend to rise, Harvard study finds

“Each new Starbucks boosts the value of housing prices in a neighborhood. And not by an insignificant amount.”

Does that really have an effect on each home?

There needs to be something special done to prepare a particular home for sale in order to generate multiple offers and have it sell for way over the asking price. Nancy does this consistently with her listings.

Here’s one recent example of a doll house near the Rose Bowl that fetched more than $ 100K over the asking price. And no, there’s no Starbucks nearby. But just for fun, read the article about how prices are affected, just in case you hear a Starbucks is coming into your neighborhood. Scroll down for the link to the Harvard article.

Take a look at 1193 ARMADA DRIVE // PASADENA 91103

The market value for this home was $675K but Nancy sold it for $776K! What’s the value added that Nancy incorporates to get these astounding results?

Charming Brick Front Traditional

“A new Starbucks introduced into a ZIP code is associated with a 0.5 percent increase in housing prices within a year, the paper found.

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