I highly recommend Nancy Valentine. She has represented me on three transactions–one house sale in LaCanada and the purchase and sale of an Arcadia town house. First of all Nancy was extremely aware and responsive to the varying market circumstances of the various transactions. She came up with strategies that reflected the unique circumstances of the purchase or sale rather than working from preconceived notions.

She is highly professional and attentive to the legal and financial requirements of a transaction so that I felt in each case my long term interests were being protected. She is attentive to detail in each stage of the process from how to show a property to how to guarantee that the transaction stays on schedule with a minimum of conflict.

She Is an excellent negotiator always able to keep the long term goal in mind.

She responds to concerns and answers communications promptly. She is professionally linked to the San Gabriel valley and has a wide range of contacts.

Nancy has a delightful personality and is joy to be around.