Dear Nancy,

What an adventure it has been, but wow, you made it happen! When we were ready.

When Charlie’s Mom died, after 70 years living in the house, we weren’t ready to sell, although we live 6000 miles away. Too many memories. Charlie grew up in this house, our sons were babies there too, at Grama’s once or twice a year…Too hard to imagine letting go of the thoughts of our now 19 year old son crawling for the first time on her living room floor, of our16 year old as a five week old baby being given a bath in the kitchen sink…I shared some pictures with you, and his comment this summer, “Gee, I can’t even fit one foot in there!!!”

Despite the distance, we tried to hold on to the house. And everytime we came to CA, you sat down with us at our request and shared your views on the state of the LCF real estate mkt. We didn’t necessarily like what you told us, but did like you more and more each time. And we hadn’t even hired you yet! We liked you perhaps because your chequered past reminded us of our own. We’ve all spent a lot of time in Europe. And have all had other lives…

When it became clear that we could no longer keep the house, and asked you to sell it for us, you went into the most efficient whirlwind we have ever seen. Great MLS listing, beautiful brochure, open house…Sold in ten days! Of course, you’d warned us about the dangers of escrow, and we were no doubt deaf. In France, escrow means a done deal, except ifcthe bank refuses the loan. We really had no idea what it meant in the US…and we hit every speed bump in the road. Including the bank’s pendulum swinging madly in the most insane direction.

Yet, you kept in whirlwind mode, and escrow did close, only a few days late. Throughout, I kept saying, in true NY fashion (ok, Nancy and I are originally New Yorkers!), “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”… And now, my dear Nancy, can’t fatten you up, but you do have an opera past, so please, just sing… And if you’re in the market, to sell or buy, just contact Nancy! She’s the absolute best.

L& C