How high can prices go? It’s only up these days. Many thought real estate would take a pause.  But that didn’t happen. Instead, the lid blew off and the sky’s now the limit.

The price range for modest homes in the greater Foothills: is
$ 1 million dollars. For a first time home?

No, I am not kidding.  Money is cheap, people are aggressively looking and there’s an air of desperation on the part of buyers. I HAVE to find another place to live. Sellers are starting to think, if I can get THAT much for my home, maybe it is time to sell. With all the changes in how and where people can work, all of a sudden for some there’s no compelling reason to stay in California anymore.

America has opened its doors and the flight is to a less urban lifestyle. But it’s not just in California. So expect to pay more wherever you go.