Who hasn’t been following the recent weather and seen the images coming out of the Caribbean, Texas and Florida with the hurricanes and flooding? We had the incredible Tujunga fire near my office. Then there was the 8.4 magnitude earthquake in Mexico. At least hurricanes and fires come with some warning. Not so with earthquakes.

Like most people, I think about these things when there’s a major disaster on the news but not at other times. When everything is so far away, it’s difficult to get motivated to get prepared. Although the phrase ” Emergency Preparedness” may seem a bit hackneyed, even if we don’t think we need to ramp up, we have to think of the terrible “what-ifs” in terms of our families,, friends and colleagues.

Here are some interesting ideas from some research I’ve done and have posted them here for you to look at, share,  and hopefully set into action. My favorite is the list of things to buy.

Here are the links:

Family plan website – https://www.ready.gov/make-a-plan

Excellent guide and supply list (with Amazon links) – http://thesweethome.com/reviews/emergency-preparedness/

Shake Out earthquake drills (next one in October) – https://www.shakeout.org/

LA County Emergency planning guide (PDF FIle) – http://lacoa.org/PDF/EmergencySurvivalGuide-LowRes.pdf