We have started the process of moving into our new home. This past weekend we bought a refrigerator, and a new mattress…..

You were a star throughout the offer/counter-offer phase, the inspections and the escrow. We’re very thankful for all your help and advice…….. 

A— and I agree that you are a consummate pro, and a delight to work with.  We know you helped steer us through countless obstacles to make this purchase come together so quickly and smoothly, and we are most grateful. It seems everyone I talk to is trying to buy a house right now, and stuck in endless short-sale negotiations, offers fallen through, etc.  We were guided and protected throughout our process, and just could not be happier! I can’t imagine enduring all that stress for MORE than 30 days–short, intense escrows are definitely the way to go.

You introduced us to the couple across the street, and they stopped off for a short visit before taking their walk to Lacy Park. Thanks to you, we already have friends in the neighborhood, 

Once we’re settled, we hope you’ll come visit. You’ve been a great pleasure to work with. I will send more photos of the house in the coming days.

A & M