This is one for the history books – literally!

My clients have just bought their forever home. They closed on the purchase of an original Monrovia property that was built in 1908. The incredibly well-preserved details of this vintage home have been recognized: it has been designated a Landmark Home and it is qualified under the Mills Act. Not only is this an honor, it gives the owners significant tax savings.

So, what is the Mills Act?  It is a State law that allows cities and counties to enter into contracts with the owners of historic properties. The contract binds the owner to certain preservation requirements and conditions specific to that home and, if met, compels the county tax assessor to recalculate the assessed value taking the age and historic value into account.

Each property has a different contract that includes specific conditions for the maintenance and preservation of the home. The contracts last for 10 years and are transferrable to new owners. In order to be considered, a property must have a designation as an Historic Landmark or have Contributor status in a registered Historic District.

This wonderful program honors the history and beauty of various architectural styles and preserves our local architectural treasures for future generations to enjoy!

Here are some of the iconic details of this beautiful home:

  • Flagpole in front yard, which the original owner added to celebrate the homecoming of her beloved husband at the end of World War I
  • Stunning fieldstone fireplace made with stones carried in from the nearby San Gabriel Mountains
  • Original gas light fixtures, converted to electric
  • Period wallpaper

A true walk through history!